Javo Water Tunnel

Javo Dispenser

Javo offers a number of systems to provide optimal, automated watering of pots and trays with a balanced, controllable spraying technique.
Custom-fit to your needs, the Javo Water Tunnel can be fit to any potting machine or a tray-handling line
A pneumatic dispenser for granular fertilizer. The system can be mounted to virtually every potting machine, but is also available as a stand-alone unit.

This fertilizer dispenser has it's own storage bucket. The amount of fertilizer per pot is infinitely adjustable and always perfectly placed. An air compressor is required.

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Javo Cleanlight

Javo Collar Applicator

The Javo CleanLight system can be used in combination with the Javo Collar Applicators.
It will disinfect with a UV light that is harmless to the plants and workers, but deadly for pathogens. I.
The solution for better growing results for orchids. The planted pots are automatically supplied with a "collar" which prevents leaf damage and improves plant handling.

The Javo Collar Applicator can be simply combined with a potting machine and can be used with a Javo Placing Robot for total automation. 
The machine up to 2,000 pots per hour.