Cannabis Package #1

Cannabis Package #1 Options

* Soil bin extension

* Roller conveyor

* Bag holder for soft containers

Javo Minimax

Fast and economical, the Javo Minimax can handle more than 2,400 plants per day at a price that is budget-friendly

The Javo Minimax is the perfect starting point for cannabis automation.

This compact, portable machine can fill virtually any size or shape pot. The soil elevator starts when the activator bar at the front of the machine is pressed (generally, by the operator leaning against it) and stops only when the operator leans away.

By combining the machine with a 10-foot motorized conveyor and supports, true automation is within reach of virtually any size operation, no matter the budget constraints.

Best of all, with only one operator, more than 2,400 pots per day can be filled and planted. The machine minimizes human contact with both the soil and the plant, while keeping return soil inside the Minimax. This is the key to disease and illness prevention.

The Javo package includes:
* Javo Minimax with pushbar control
* 3m x 250 (10’ x 10”) motorized conveyor
* Conveyor support


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